Two or three things we learned from confined stars

Some of us had dreamed about it and the virus did it.For a few weeks, we have entered places that were once closed, invisible and therefore conducive to all fantasies: their living room, their kitchen, their garden, their bedroom.We are not talking about our colleagues with whom we meet every other day at 9:30 am but our lifelong friends, the stars Of course, we do not know their exact address but whatever, we are there with them, invited from time to time to the point sometimes to notice the evolution of the decor.And today, we have reached the point of asking ourselves: is this such a good idea?

It is the actress Mélanie Thierry who put us in our ears when the companion of the singer Raphaël and their son undermined her video performance in her kitchen with a sublime "But it's not an hour, you I'm in the kitchen, I have to eat… ”Suddenly, the real off-screen had caught up with the performance, the improvised concert hall was once again a modern kitchen with white walls in a house in Montmartre.

This is how we were able to take a look at the living room of Patrick Bruel - an artist affected by the virus but who does not have too much of a broken voice, however - during another concert - with his central column, his piano, its library, its shelves (with books classified by color?) and its power strip on the floor At Lou Doillon, which can be seen every day at 5 p.m.for a reading and song session, it's more classy, thanks to the English green walls, and more clutter with a moodboard atmosphere - an old typewriter lying around - reminiscent of the interiors of Paul Smith boutiques.Among his reading choices, we find the sublime book "The Moment of my death" by Maurice Blanchot, a confined author if there ever was one, who would probably never have imagined appearing one day in such a device.Note that if Bruel always likes black outfits, not always ironed, Lou is a follower of " lounge wear ”and negligee.See this post on Instagram

Posted Date: 2020-12-27

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